Wednesday, 21 November 2012

SQL server login timedout expired

I was unable to login to SQL server : It was throughing an error ,Login timed out expired:

i was  able ping the server, i was able to RDP the server and SQL services were running fine but i was not able to register SQL in SSMS or SQLWB.

I found the problem was with Firewall it seems to be blocked or was not enabled for port 1433.

So i have created an inbound rule for Sql to allow 1433 port for whole domain in Windows firewall advance security.

--> go to Adminstrative tools--> select windows Firewall with advance security ----> create one inbound rule  --> select port and click on next-->select TCP and port number 1433-->select allow connection-->select only to the domain --> Type Name and click on finish .

This fixed my issue and i was able to register  SQL server.


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